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Artist Bio

I am a contemporary artist from Denmark, living in Titirangi, Auckland with my kiwi husband and two kids.

You can see my work at The Railway Street Gallery in New Market. 

Making sculptures was my big passion in my younger days, which I started up again in early 2020.  Around the same time I began to explore abstract painting using acrylic, oil pastels and pencils.

I paint intuitively and get inspired by my surroundings, music and the mood I am in. I create to lose track of time, to be totally absorbed, to be mindful of shapes, colours and lines. Every painting or sculpture is like a little piece of me, my voice, feelings, thoughts starts on a blank canvas or a lump of clay and I stop when it feels right. 

When a painting is sold a percentage is donated so a native tree can be planted in New Zealand.  I use Resene paints as I know they also are conscious of the environment and make sure they give back to nature. 

If you have questions, feel free to get in contact. I am also happy to arrange a private viewing. 

Look forward to hear from you.

All the Best 


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